Jewels is one of the most intuitive psychic readers I’ve ever had readings from. She is spot on! Whenever I feel I’ve looked at a situation from every angle and still need more insight, I call Jewels. She has been instrumental in clarifying for me what is really going on and how best to move forward. Ironically, after receiving a reading from her, everything she’s read about for me seems to unfold quickly and accurately. I highly recommend her to everyone!  

Shondra Jepperson - Singer Songwriter, Entertainer

Sedona, Arizona            

I have been getting readings from Jewels for over ten years.  Whether the reading is good news or bad, she delivers it with kindness.  She is not only my reader but has become a wonderful friend.  She is the best! 


                         My reading with Jewels was awesome.  She did it over the phone while I was hectically driving around, struggling to do my life, ie; work, college, boyfriend.  She was so right on, I made changes immediately.  I can’t wait to get a reading in person with her.  She was so kind, so generous, and so insightful.  
​Talya Reynolds, ASU college student


                              I am writing this testimonial  in behalf of Jewels Of Sedona. There are many in this town who profess to be Psychic readers , Astrologists Aura readers and of course Tarot readers too! Some are pretty good and  some aren't Then there is someone that is not only good, but is gifted! This is Jewels She is amazing ! Every time I have had a reading from Jewels , to use the expression. "It was right on the money!" She is so accurate and certainly has helped me  to chose what course or direction l should take in many given situations.If you are looking to get a reading from someone who is good , there are some good people out there .But  if you want to get a reading from some one who is great, gifted and  I must add a cut above the rest , that's Jewels of Sedona! As far as I'm concerned  she is the best!!

Tom Jepperson,  Singer, Actor, Producer, Writer

Entertainment by Tom & Shondra

Jewels of Sedona

                            My wife and I met Jewels professionally through her psychic readings. She and her husband are now among our closest friends and we get together yearly when we travel to Sedona for sun and relaxation. Periodically, when needed, we also seek her psychic insight and council in both our business and personal lives. Her insightful readings have prepared us to face our challenges and reap our rewards. Her professionalism, trustworthiness, and friendship has enriched our lives. 

Bruce- Utah

I have been reading with Jewels for a couple of years now and her psychic gift is truly amazing.  She is extremely friendly and connects with me at such a level that I consider her a friend!  She doesn't exaggerate or "sugar coat" readings - her honesty and professionalism are top notch.  I highly recommend Jewels for a session! 
Barbara- Colorado

                            Getting a reading from Jewels is like sitting down with your best friend and having her tell you what’s what, straight on, with no pretense.  Jewels is warm, engaging, fun, totally professional, and her readings are so completely dead on.   ​
Dev Ross, writer producer

Dev Ross Productions

Los Angeles, California & Sedona Arizona

Medium/Psychic Intuitive Counselor